Picasion: Animated GIF maker
Easily crop and resize your images online for free! Make avatars and post them to Tumblr, MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, eBay, Bebo, Xanga, QQ, etc.

The selection area can be moved/resized using your mouse or keyboard:
arrow keys
move selection area by 10 pixels
Shift + arrow keys
move selection area by 1 pixel
Ctrl + arrow keys
resize selection area by 10 pixels
Shift + Ctrl + arrow keys
resize selection area by 1 pixel
Crop image, create animated avatar, make an avatar (animated gif maker/generator/tool/animator)!

Create an Avatar online - Crop image

You can also create an animation
Please move that box or resize it by dragging its edges to select desired part of an image.
Now it's time to upload your own image.

Make a crop selection by clicking and dragging.
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Avatar size


Open and the instructions to make an avatar are simple, but you need first to choose your image ensuring that it represents what you wish to say. You can browse all the images on your computer, chose one from the list, upload it, select the size and area you want to use and then click ‘Create Avatar’ and it will be ready to use on whichever website or social media you wish. You can also use the package to resize image or crop images and save them – a great tool in one place.